Monday, October 12, 2009

this gentleman saw me take his photo, smiled serenely, and gave me the shot, gracefully. he knew he was perfectly poised, and naturally framed by the window. i imagine this to be his favored seat, and this his path home every night. he gave me thumbs up before the bus turned.

everything is for sale on the seven mile bridge, from victoria island, thru to surelere. vendors roam and rule the already congested road~ two lanes teeming with mokado, wheezing, over-full buses and backed-up lines of honking cars... we never encountered any of the famed bandits of this bridge, but one can easily imagine how armed men could overcome the flustered, captive drivers. still, a sight and experience i never tire of... knives, rugs, nollywood and bootleg hollywood films, cd's, irons, boiled peanuts, cold soda and STAR beer, plaintains, towels, transistor radios, folding baskets...

cousins, sisters, daughters, friends. preparing dinner from the chicken coop to the table...
just yesterday this bird roamed lagos island. tonight... feeding the family.

view from the family home, lambasa

family at dosunmu court, lagos island, nigeria west africa

more lagos island ~ the heart of nigeria... not to be taken lightly, or ventured into without awareness of the social rules and mores that prevail here. this is the place where all the action happens ~ good and bad ~ and this tiny corner of lagos will teach your heart a new and accelerated beat each time...

street scenes ~ lagos island... full time, full speed action with purpose and intent... while some may seem idle, there is an heightened sense of work to be done without hesitation, or delay. every one needs to make a living... yet somehow there is still joy and grace in every motion... and no time to be wasted.

sleep like an African Queen... these gorgeous mattresses are the standard ~ the attention to
detail and unexpected beauty is indicative of how we live here. there is homage to tradition, whimsy and practicality in every thing...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

chickens for sale... fresh!

the beautiful children delight and amaze me. the depth of their characters is evident in their eyes~every one a joy to behold, and they give us such love and hope... i look forward to seeing them grow and become strong creators in this world.

the most efficient ~ and most authentic~ way to travel thru lagos is by bus or mokado... the tiny, precarious motorbikes that zip thru traffic "go-slows" with vim and recklessness... as natural as walking for lagosians, the back of the mokado carries whole families, livestock, cooking oil, and gasoline from one tight spot to another... while you are risking your life with every ride, the mokado as the premier mode of transport is both a blessing and a blight.

Michael jackson passed unexpectedly on 25 june, 2009. the tributes to him in nigeria were varied, but this one at the upright mall in victoria island was touching and powerful. LD danced her out out, and then burst into tears...RIP MJ~ you left us too soon, and your legacy and yearning lives on in all of us...

behind the house, in surelere, there is mystery and purpose. this is where the laundry dries, the cooking simmers, the dogs bask in the sun.