Thursday, April 22, 2010

a good question....

should i stay, or should i go? we have noticed these contradictory crossing signs around town, and
always take the opportunity to ask ourselves that very question. while first and foremost a safety issue, once you scurry across the road you can stop and ponder the implications in the duality of the message... and decide to stay, or decide to go... or decide to think about it... or not.

seen on day one of ramadhan 2009

we were hungry, fasting... never expected this to appear... timing is everything.

brooklyn flowers

spring is here, and these flowers burst into their glory early on our block. if they don't last the week, that's okay... they brought optimism and a breath of fresh air.

sunsets in paradise

is there anything, any vision at the end of a long day, that is more breath-taking than the sunset?
the colors and patterns created by mother nature and the Gods cannot be surpassed... these perfect twilights are a gift of Negril's seven mile beach, Jamaica.


never seen any thing quite like this before, and these custom crayons caught my fancy as soon as i laid eyes on them! j'adore! definitely a work of ART!

LD knows how to flow....

when you are five years old, the world is your stage, your oyster, your playground. my darling daughter knows how to enter a room and get all eyes on her, for better or worse. one thing she does so well is KEEP TRYING. she's awesome cause she is FEARLESS. she has such potential. GO LOLA! pix by JB at LADYBUG's birthday party, prospect park ~ late july, 2009

it's okay to be....

it's good to be open to being wrong, to being hurt, to being alone. it's a blessing to have depth of feeling, to dig deep inside yourself where your fears lie just-barely dormant and your well of tears and tirades bubbles. to be a sponge is to absorb some of the best and the worst of humankind's follies, and foibles. don't deny yourself feelings.... immerse in them, wallow a bit then dust yourself OFF and spring forward.

more words to live by...

everyday i keep optimism in the front of my mind. to realize and remember that this is a challenge faced by many, throughout time and place, transcending race, color, religion, creed, nationality, class and circumstance is humbling. yes, mistakes are made, and lines are crossed... but in the end... who among us is without room to grow? viva tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow....

thinking street ART~ A LOVE LETTER FOR YOU

this remarkable mural project was created and implemented by STEPHEN POWERS, for the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. It is a beautiful thing to see a city bring art to the people, to the streets, to the masses. To encourage and inspire every day people to see everyday things with a fresh coat of attention is a small thing that feels BIG.
Check out the rest of the series here:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the second card was: Temperance...Calm and balance. Need to have patience for events surrounding you as they play out. Moderation. Accommodation. Reflection on your life. Maturity. Draw emotions in and stop overreacting to outside forces. Contemplation and reflection on events, relationships and work. Be the calming force in chaos. Possible to overcome addiction to substance, people or relationships. Obsession passing. Order being restored. Bring calm to mind and behavior patterns. A time of peace is beginning. Let it wash over you.

just so you know....

had my cards done today....the very first card i pulled set the tone for the rest of the reading...

"The Ace of Chalices card suggests that my power today lies in capturing the essence. My emotions are valid. I am beautiful and I deserve to pursue, share, and express unconditional love, pleasure, and happiness. I bring new love into the world. I am empowered by love and my gift is beauty in truth."

viva ayiti

this remarkable shot was created in port-au-prince, haiti, on 27 march 2010.
Associated Press photographer JORGE SAENZ took this hauntingly beautiful shot of a woman waiting for the bus, at nightfall. i dream of haiti, and my friends there, the good times we shared, the audacious resilence that grows in that soil. from PAP to petit jacmel, i cry for this beloved
land, this country that fought to be free only to be damned by circumstances, natural and political. i promise my children they will visit this country, where one of them was wished into life, and they will understand why she continues to call to me...


we celebrated all things "RESTLESS CITY" and the set photographer took this lovely shot.
look for RESTLESS CITY... a film by (my husband) ANDREW DOSUNMU coming worldwide soon... for an unforgettable glimpse into the lives of the nomads who give this city her heartbeat... and her blood, sweat and tears.

a new friend (who i truly thank, profusely) sent me this just today. WOW! i like everything about this flashing chaos, especially the compliments that accompanied. thanks, my friend... amuse me...

beautiful interpretations of west african traditional clothing and ceremonial makeup.
via herring and herring

not sure where i found these out there in cyber-world, or who created them... i find these sculptures breath-taking... and unlike anything i have seen before. these are COLORED PENCILS! genius!