Tuesday, November 24, 2009

african-american artist HORACE PIPPIN is one of america's best kept secrets. his work is in
the style naively called "naive", but i think of him as a realist. he was born in 1888 and grew up in goshen, new york. self-taught, pippin focused on the real life unfolding in front of him ~ and segregation and memories of slavery are focal points in his work. pippin fought for America in WW1, and lost the use of his right arm. my favorite painting of his is "Holy Mountain" ~ his paintings often have a biblical theme.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

to the girls on the block, harlem 1989
u look through me
like u don't know me

from the roots of my hair
to the heels of my shoes
u assess my
and count my charms
u might stare
u don't recognize me

we sit, together
on the bus
or crowd together,
on the subway
or stand on the corner
each in the shadow of the other

u think
we are worlds
apart as though

our breath could
mix in conversation
the same blood
could not
mingle in our veins

my sister
i wish
u could see me.
to a girl i don't know, but i mourn

what could push
a young girl, twenty five
to snuff her breath out
with a rope?
what kind of pain
could so rot the heart
to such sadness
what depth of what despair
to lead her there?
to the end, her end/
her last drawn breath
and the prayer of release
lights her eyes
for the last time
the pain goes away
it goes
with a crack
17 june 09

the sugar bowl is always full
at our house
for your gluttony
rich amber, golden sweetness
wasted in the bottom of your cup
contained loosely
and tightlypacked in blue glass, safe
full full
always full
for you
three spoons, four
help yourself
sugar~ grains of perfect sand
blend, melt merge
so sweet
so sweet so full
have, have, take, take
more fill to bursting
til you purge
sweetened lies
tumbling at our feet
undigested, empty empty
blue glass broken on the red floor

Thursday, November 5, 2009


i liked the way these vendors made the facade of this mosque, in lagos island, their everyday backdrop.
the time weathered mosque sits in the very center of lagos market / it is a landmark and a point of reference for the found and the lost. at salat its surrounding sidewalks are flush with worshipers, knelt to Allah in unison.


seen in small things like grains of rice, and the glow of brightly iridescent beads / just when you might think there is no more here to see, when things are falling upwards and tearing inward / the realization of abundance humbles and rewards.

Jailer Video by Asa - MySpace Video

Jailer Video by Asa - MySpace Video
asa is a contemporary nigerian via europe singer, songwriter revolutionary, poet, griot... soothsayer. i dig everything about her, from her laid back personal style, her nonchalant and casual body language, her unassuming way of working in her world... she is both romantic and political... a radical combination for a new age.

henry lopez, artist of the day

love these mysterious and intriguing images created by photographer henry lopez.
color, texture, liquid, solid... what are they? does not matter... eye candy...
see more here http://henrylopezart.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

PUSH is precious... Precious is PUSH

just finished reading PUSH... a novel by SAPPHIRE. a painful story, well told. there is pure
poetry in the rendering of the horrors, there is music in the rhythm of her sadness, her tears and rage can fit any one of us ~ and don't ever think this story can't be true. despite what we think we know, pain and suffering can live right next door to you.
the posters for the movie are breath-taking... i love the color, the mystery and the power in her form... in one, she in anoynmous yet familiar, even without her face... the clues to her thinking have been erased, while her brilliant dress and white angelic robe denote her as pure and present. what strikes me is the poised, and humble clasp of her hands. she is controlled and powerful. in the second poster she is obviously shattered by the hand of fate... or is it just horrific and crushing circumstance ~ that can be shed like a rough skin... with time and care? note that she is broken, yet unbowed... and the ferocious orange background is a hue of hope, not despair.

posters thanks to FLYgirl...

benin, west africa

these papier-mache elephants aren't really made of paper... but they have a similar feel and look ... and have been here at the hotel cotoneou since the 1970's. after convincing f&l not to attempt to climb them, they were happy to admire them from a respectable vantage point.

one more mind-bender... not sure from whom/where but made me stop/think/pray

something(s) to think about...all from ffffound.com