Sunday, July 26, 2009

The road to Lekki

You see everything on the road from Victoria Island to Lekki. This morning, we saw a dead man
thinly covered with baking sheets of metal, left unmourned and unattended, caught between the
two dusty lanes, in the past between people use to cross the packed roads.
i think i smelled him long before we saw him, there dead, hands and feet exposed despite
the metal cover hastily placed.
i rolled up the window just moments before because i smelled a festering stench like nothing i ever smelled before, in Nigeria or anywhere else. my stomach turned and flipped..
when just minuted later i saw the broken body, i know exactly what i smelled: sudden and violent death, caught unaware between two careless roads, where endless traffic crawls along so
tediously it is almost impossible to imaging how a man could be hit by a car, and not regain himself, dust off, and walk away.

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