Thursday, May 27, 2010

when i visited my aunt victoria in ATL, she had a succession of VW buses. the one i remember most was bright orange. my brother and cousins hated the bus. in surburban ATL back then, the cars of choice were benz, jag and volvo... VW was for the hippies, the pot-smokers, the never-d0-wells who slept in the bus, under the stars... i was always happy to ride, sitting high in the front seat, window rolled down, adjusting the AM/FM radio, pretending... many things... but mostly, that i was one of those cool, free, happy chicks who drove a VW bus across the country and as far beyond as i could imagine.
KWAKU ALSTON has captured a remarkable series of these wonderful buses... and when i saw these i had to borrow.
see more of kwaku's tribute to the great bus here:

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  1. thanks for sharing. brings back memories...