Monday, July 19, 2010

veve, a mystic calling

the VEVE is a religious symbol that serves as a lightening rod for the lwa/loa ~ the spirit.
the ritualistic placement of the veve on the Earth obliges the loa to descend to this plane.
sacrifices, offerings, and prayers are laid upon the veve. each veve is unique and specific to the loa
whose presence is being requested. veves are complicated and intricate art forms, created with a variety of powder-like substances, depending on the particular ritual.

above, from left to right, veves representing:
ERZULIE, ogun, and papa legba

erzulie is the goddess of love, romance, art and sexual intrigue, fantasy, and loving encounters.
she is divisible by three aspects: erzulie FREDA, a virgin, often depicted as the Black madonna or virgin mary, erzulie DANTOR, who wrecks havoc as the loa of jealousy, fractious energy, and confrontations with those who oppose her, and LA SIREN, goddess and feminine energy of the sea, of motherhood, ruling the womb and the breasts... creating and controlling the family.
her favorite colors in all incarnations are pink or red, her flower is sweet-smelling, and white, her preferred offerings are chocolates, candies, dark rum, and sweet wine. she wants pearls, and white doves, parfum and incense.
she loves hearts, white cloth, pink and red candles, and her choice in most things is... MORE.

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