Friday, June 25, 2010

best of all to sinden

i enjoyed working with photographer SINDEN COLLIER for a couple of years. she has recently parted ways with the agency, but i feel our paths will cross again. she is painfully talented... an artist that may be here before her time. her eye is nuanced, and flavored... both gentle and revealing.
i like best her pictures where she has the subject so at ease they may give everything away.
she does this not by pretending, but with her deep need to know what people are all about.
i feel the same way.

when we created these images of the radiantly pregnant PAULA PATTON, sinden collaborated with the amazing harriette cole, who has steered many projects over the years, always with singular success. proud to know her personally and work with her professionally. when dynamic women like this trust you with their images, with their projects... you feel grace. when i saw the final choices, i felt immediately that one of these two images should be the cover... when EBONY chose BOTH of them, and made the month a double cover surprise, i was thrilled.
great subject, wonderful team... another good job, well done.

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