Friday, June 25, 2010

where were you...?

one year ago today, we learned shockingly of the death of the King of pop. where were you when you heard the news? i was in prospect park about to enjoy FEMI KUTI (another King) with family and despite the joy of the festivities we all felt deflated, worn out, shocked, and suddenly exhausted. the wine soured a bit and the yummy flavours of our twilight picnic just turned to sawdust in our mouths. the moon, she dimmed. despite knowing that no one lives forever, somehow the MJ that was peter pan was not supposed to die on such a gorgeous day. after the roar of the african beat, when everyone was shuffling out of the bandshell, over the hum of the crowd came the eerie opening chords of GOT TO BE THERE. so glad i was. RIP MJ, please. x

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