Friday, June 25, 2010


my photographer MIKO LIM is one of a kind. he hits it hard, every time... it doesn't matter if we are creating images to sell music, jeans, or athletic wear ~ miko approaches every job with wry humor, laid-back professionalism, perverted humour, and an ease that belies his youth. he is always fun to work with because he makes me laugh and scold. i adore him, despite the fact that he teases me relentlessly. he is a good man and a remarkable photographer. i am so happy to have his talent and his hilarity in my life. (COME BACK TO NYC miko!)

when we shot these images for DDM (diddy dirty money for Interscope), it was the kind of epic production where there are so many fly elements something is bound to go awry. despite delays, rough patches and cryptic messages, we got it all done beautifully. the dirty money girls ROCK with their extreme sweetness, southern kindness and impeccable good manners (rare). diddy gave us all his rep implies by running the show with an iron fist... but when he thanked me, at the end of two long shooting days, he was charming and redeemed.

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